Chanel is a 3 month old female Chihuahua mix. She is the bell of the ball. When she walks into the the room all heads turn. She currently is being fostered with other dogs (small and big alike). She loves kids and adults alike. She has the cutest little black fur coat with white and tan paws and the nicest brown eyes that beg for love and attention. She loves playing, meeting new friends and of course cuddling is a sport for her. She loves nothing more than lying next to you. She has great house manners, walks well on a leash and is 100% comfortable with being in her crate, but would rather be part of her family. She knows basic commands, sit, stay and leave it. Dancing for treats is also a favorite pastime for her. She is quiet in the house and would make a companion for someone who loves small dogs. Will listen. Very obedient, loves to please people!